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Pulputus pants

January 12, 2010

Isn’t that a weird name for pants? It makes me think of an octopus (in French a “poulpe”) but these pants have nothing in common with an octopus. I’d be curious to know what it means in danish or whatever language that is. This is version A of this pattern in size 104, in a beautiful black velvet cord seen here before, so soft it’s almost buttery. A bit of patience at the beginning for the pin tucks at the front and back pockets and you’re good to go. Since they don’t have any obviously girly details, I’d lie if I said DD fell in love with them but she likes that they have pockets and that’s better than nothing. I personnally like that they’re like a mix of gaucho and Marlene pants, which makes them quite versatile, especially in that fabric. The instructions mention some ruffling/easing of the back pockets you have to ignore. That must be a copy/paste error from Ottobre. There’s nothing more worth mentioning, other than I finished it with french seams because cord frays and lints like crazy (click on pictures to enlarge):



Lady with a bow

Inside out

Inside out

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