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Cinderella was a seamstress!

January 7, 2010

Christmas has come and gone, leaving DD a few Walt Disney books behind. I’m sure most of us, like me, have read the book as little girl but can anyone recall that Cinderella was a seamstress?

The book also says that Cinderella would sew up tiny clothes for her mice friends. As an adult I’m not a fan of these princess stories (funnily enough I wasn’t a big fan as kid either; I liked Hansel and Gretel better :)) but these kind of details kind of reconciliate me with Cinderella. And don’t tell me that I’m rationalising because it’s not the kind of details that strike a 2-yo. I’m well aware of it but believe me, when you’ve been reading the same story aloud at bedtime every single day for 10 days, you NEED to find things you like about it if you don’t want to turn cur-ra-zy. Although look at that last picture: I can’t believe Cinderella broke as she was had a dress form and I don’t… 😦

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