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The (in)famous capecho

November 14, 2009

Some knit patterns are famous and do not need to be presented anymore. Norah Gaughan’s capecho (more of a bolero, really) is such a pattern. And this is my version of it. And I like it. The yarn is Merino superwash (100% merino) from Lang, warm and soft. The color is “natural” (I think it’s cream or off-white). Something is wrong with the instructions, though, because this was NOT knitted according to the directions, although the result is close enough. Ravelry’s hundreds versions were a life saver. I applied the same modifications as rabittpie75 for the pentagons. Then adopted vaniglia and chouchoupinette‘s back, after hesitating between that and ernte‘s. Maybe for a second version? My personal touch was finishing the front edges with crabstitch, after hesitating between that and an I-cord. Yes, there was a lot of decision makng involved. This is quite an easy pattern considering the elaborate look of the final garment. The net knitting time was a few weeks, well… with the summer in between :D.

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  1. November 15, 2009 02:12

    Wow that is so cute!


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