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First second time(s)

November 7, 2009

These are the first two patterns I’ve made up a second time. They are pants for DD.  Now of course, I’ve made a few modifications.

The first one is the Susette pants, except this time I graded them to size 98 and I made them fully lined, so that they’re actually reversible. I had to squeeze this pattern on a fabric remnant and I think it was a wise decision to line it since it allowed me to skip the hem allowances. I really used every single square centimeter of fabric and even had 1-cm seam allowance on some seams. The fashion fabric is a dark green cord and the lining is a striped somewhat thick satined cotton, very soft and nice to the skin:

The top is described here.I  like those pants with elastics at the ankles for the fall and winter. And I like the style. I bought some fabric at the Holland fabric market for mine 🙂

The second pair of pants is from Bizzkids Winter 2007/2008, #3345. I made it up for the first time in the pre-blog era, at the time in a black velvet cord. This time I used a camo canvas and skipped the zipper, since DD cannot deal with them yet. The pants have seams in the front and pockets at the sides. DD’d like me to make the hip pockets a bit deeper next time. The back is yoked (click on the link, you’ll see that the alignment of these yokes is -I dare say- perfect). I made a mock fly zipper in the front, using the spare button that came with a store-bought pair of pants. The elastic is only in the back. Next time I transform a zipper pant in a non-zipper pant, I’ll taper the waist to the next bigger size because DD needs to do a fair bit of wiggling to put these up. Finish: french and flat-felled seams. Clean and beautiful *tap on shoulder*.

I have now released the waist elastic, so that the fit is better and the wrinkles in the front are gone.

The “Hello Kitty” scarf had to be in the picture. Don’t ask…


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