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Ottobre goofy tweed pants

September 30, 2009

Aren’t they cute? And quite easy with that. I think these are the best looking pockets I’ve ever made and the secret is quite simple: stencil. Just use the pattern piece of the pocket to cut a stencil out of sturdy paper and bring the fabric pocket in form by pressing with tons of steam. If you’re a visual, have a look here. I skipped the button holes on the leg cuffs and just sew the buttons on. I have them from some other pants of her that I had to throw away because they had a big hole in them. The finish is all french seams except the side seams, which are just zigzaged. As I mentioned before, french seams don’t work where there are slits. Here are the pictures:

On the flat

Goofy pants on

I think these pants are quite stylish even though they’re still a bit big. I have a remnant of fabric. If there’s enough fabric, I’ll make a doll coat out of it. We’ll see…


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