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My near extraterrestrial experience…

September 21, 2009

…or how I was reminded of the importance of “know your fabrics”. This dress almost ended as UFO, just because I bought the wrong fabric for it. Burda specifically states to use two-way jerseys. But at the time I planned the dress, bought the fabric and cut it, I didn’t know the difference between two- and four-way jersey. I just knew when I bought this fabric, it was jersey. The pieces have been lying around for weeks, months, until I decided to sew it up two days ago. I had a weird feeling something was wrong the whole time but once I’d brought it so far that I could try it on, I KNEW something was wrong: the neckline was down my navel (can you still call it neckline, then?). I know Burda is known for rather… “open-hearted” decolletés but that was really excessive. So  I then went back to reading what was written above the instructions in the magazine and noticed my mistake. Grrrr…. I really like the fabric, I really like the pattern and I had put a lot of work in this baby so I had to come up with a solution. Right then and there, or this’d end up as UFO. I sew elastics under the bust, joined the shoulder seams at the back and sew the longest dart you’ve ever seen in the back, then corrected the front by tucking a bit more fabric in there at the neckline and tada:

The neckline is still very low but with a tank top underneath I can wear this to work. I find it a bit unflattering from the side but my (working and sewing) colleague pretends it’s not bad at all. Of course, I didn’t think of shooting a picture from the side 😦 The neckline was finished with a twin needle, with a brown and a blue thread. The bands on the sleeve are attached in a blue threaded zigzag stitch. The dress is really comfortable, since the fabric (from Mahler) is soft and fluid. Maybe I’ll make it again in a solid two-way jersey?

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  1. September 23, 2009 08:24

    I thank you for the information about 4-way stretch. I just bought about 2+yd/m of a cotton-Lycra knit. The DH needs some new tee shirts and Bermuda shorts for fall. (He’s indifferent to cold weather. Unless the snow is to his knees, it’s “just a tad airish, Sweetheart.” ) Somehow, I doubt he would be thrilled with a shirt both he and our 30-something son could wear at the same time. Cordially, Nehmah


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