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Toddler lounge pants

September 9, 2009

These are from ottobre 4/2008, #2 and are called Vilkas. I actually did not have enough fabric to make them and couldn’t cut the legs as one piece but now I like the look of the extra seam below the knee. This is a rather simple pattern -2 pieces only!-, one would be tempted to rate as “easy and great for beginners” but beware! I just don’t think sewing velour is anything for bloody beginners. Velour is jersey so it doesn’t fray per say. It’s more the velour fibers (the “hair”) that tend to behave like amiante: they fly everywhere. I mean, I still find those fibers in the room for days after I’m done with these pants. I cleaned my machine as soon as I was done and there were red fibers everywhere. One would actually need an overlock, I guess. Since I don’t have one I just did my usual french seams. Used a twin needle on the hem with a black thread in the spool to be able to cut as close to the seam as possible after hemming. This isn’t something you want to do if you’re tired or have a shaky hand. Imagine cutting a hole in the fabric at that point! For the waist, I zigzaged and did the same (cut close to the seam). For some reason, the finish won’t show on photographs, the color is too vibrant and the fabric reflects, even when I use the “soft flash” option. Sorry. But that’s not all about velours. It has pile. And nap. So you can’t press it like you would any other fabric. I used an ironing cloth and no steam or pressed from the wrong side. I’m really not satisfied with the applique but I’m lucky I cut the flower out of fleece so the ugly stitches sink into the fabric after a couple of days. Also, DD likes it so I guess it’ll do. She loves these pants and how soft they are. Didn’t think reviewing these pants would make such a long post whew! Now to the pictures (click twice to enlarge):

Tried, tested and adopted

Tried, tested and adopted
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  1. September 11, 2009 01:00

    Ta petite est toute mignonne dans son pantalon en velours 🙂



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