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Vogue 1099: progress

July 5, 2009
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Mission of the weekend accomplished:

V1099 liningI know it looks like some garment I made for my grandmom but it’s actually very nice. All in all,  I graded the pattern successfully, which was also not evident because the size increments are not constant like in BWOF. I found it not easy to predict the fit with the lining and the fashion fabric having such difference in drape but I think the fit is good.

I also made the sleeves of the actual garment so I think I’ll have no excuse if I don’t finish this next weekend. I was kind of surprised that none of the reviews on patternreview mentioned it but I found the setting in of the sleeves to be quite challenging. Up to that point, I really didn’t think this pattern deserved the “average” rating. Oh and I made a mistake while cutting the self sleeves. I used the lining pattern instead of the garment pattern. Since I don’t have enough fabric to recut the sleeves I cut the missing part of the sleeves and sew it on so that the seam is on a folding line so you don’t notice it. It worked! More to come on this project next weekend…

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