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BWOF 4-2008-109

June 26, 2009

Here’s a poplin blouse I originally did for myself but the fit was just not my thing. My mom, however, liked it and I think it does work for her. My friend Babs insinuated I only catched the next best opportunity to “recycle” a project I’d judged not good enouch for me but it’s not true. I think this blouse is really nice, just not on me. Here it is:

bwof 4-2008-109bwof 4-2008-109I had to fiddle with the button closure a lot. In the end, I ignored the magazine instructions and referred to a japanese book that explains it graphically and, I think, I’m proud about the fact that I managed to avoid an interruption of the stripes there. I really like the play with the stripes. That’s what made me sew this pattern in the first place.
I also like the sleeve bands.

What I didn’t like about the end result is the totally unfitted fit (sounds weird, huh?) of the garment. Now I wonder if it’d fitted better if I’d cut a size 42. But I don’t think I’ll bother trying.
And then when I tried it on, DH said I looked like I work in a fast-food chain we all know too well. So maybe I should’ve chosen stripes in another color than this vibrant red.

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