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Bizzkids meets Ottobre and Patrones

June 25, 2009
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I HAVE been sewing a lot lately, just didn’t post at all. This following fabric is one the very first I bought over the internet, almost a year ago. It’s a denim from Bizzkids (I think. Or is it Stenzo?) so it’s of really good quality. But I remember being quite disappointed when I opened the parcel because at the time it appeared too dark for a toddler’s garment. Well, I think I was wrong. See for yourself:

Susette pantsSusette pantsThe pattern is from Ottobre 1/2008. The pants have a front and back yoke, and elastic waistbanc and elatic at the legs. The belt is in a pink gingham fabric. The fabric is so colourful, she can wear a top of any colour. My sister was pleased, and so was I. Now to the other garment:

Canada house dress from Patrones 260Canada house dress from Patrones 260This is a Canada house dress out of Patrones #260. It’s got princess seams and is fully lined with the same gingham fabric I made the belt of the susette pants with. The second picture was done before adding the ribbon, I was just checking the fit. Can you tell my daughter fell in love with that giant pocket? She loves this dress.

This was my first Patrones pattern and definitely not my last. What I like about it is that the spanish 2-year size is a 94cm and not a 92cm like the german one. So it gives me an intermediary size before the 98cm size, which would be the next one here in Germany, and which is still a bit big for Makeba. I also have a couple of patterns I want to do for myself… someday 🙂


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