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One down, many to go

May 12, 2009

I managed to finish my first UFo over the weekend. It’s a toddler skirt with box pleats I started about a year ago. Nothing much complicated about this pattern really. I bought the fashion fabric at the Holland Markt (a remnant of embroidered corduroy), decided to alter a dress in a skirt. The dress was from Bizzkids Spring/Summer 2006 and called for an underskirt, which I didn’t have fabric for.  So the cut skirt wandered in a box for a couple of months. I eventually got my hand on an appropriate underskirt fabric, even managed to cut it, but somehow it just joined the fashion fabric into the above mentioned box… until last weekend. The skirt was actually intented for my 1-yo niece, turned out to be to big for my 2-yo daughter. I though I cut a size 80 last year but after measuring the finished garment, I think I’d cut out a size 104! Oh well… My daughter loves it though. She wants to put it on everytime she sees it and everytime she has it on she starts dancing. Enough said, let me show it to you:


Fabric detail

Fabric detail


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